Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to Muses of Sea and Moon

Welcome to my world of ramblings. I am Rowan SeaMoon. A woman, wife, mother, Libra and a witch. I love being a woman and wouldn't change that for anyone, I love who I am they way I am. My husband and I have been together for most of our lives, and married for 7 years, with hope of many more years. I have one beautiful, smart, sassy Scorpio daughter, whom I love very much. I am a Libra and true to the sayings. I'll ride the fence until I absolutely have to make a choice. And I am a witch. I first started into the pagan path when I was 15 then went else where in life. I came back to my pagan path less than two years ago and couldn't be more happy.
I live in a river valley that bubbles with magick of it's own. From foggy mysterious days and bright sunshine that glints off of hidden gems in the land to crisp clear cold nights that showcase the stars and moon.
I believe there is always a moment to find magick if you only open yourself to the possibilities of what may be.