Monday, March 7, 2011

Psychic Fair Expo

This past Saturday, March 5th, our little town hosted a small but energetic psychic fair expo. My best friend and I decided a month ago that we HAD to go. For many reasons. They had a number of psychic-mediums, tarot card readers, I-Ching and palm readers. Also with authors speaking about various interesting subjects and booths that ranged from crystals and jewelery to Indian dream catchers to ghost hunters. It was wonderful!
The price for entrance was great at $10. The readings were $20 for 20 minutes, your choice. Some booths had other services like reiki and astrology charts. I was hoping to have Susan Shepard read my cards. But it wasn't in the cards. She was not well and didn't want to spread her germs, which we are all thankful for.  Susan read my cards about 5 years ago and was spot on and I was hoping to have another round of wonderful news. Thank you Susan.
Since this wasn't to be, I chose a psychic-medium as I had never been to one and went with Georgia Rudolph. She was great and I will take her advice to heart. Thank you Georgia.
I had my heart set on having my cards read when I woke on Saturday. I wasn't leaving until I did. So I swallowed my gut telling me not to spend the money and did it anyway. Carpe diem, right? So I did!
That's right, I got a card reading. This time, I took my best friend with me. Steve does the past life card reading with the Osha Zen Tarot cards. They. Are. Beautiful. I just wanted to touch the cards. Almost like I had this invisible thread pulling me to touch them, to caress them, to hold them. I want them!
Now, the reading was just as fantastic as the cards. Thank you Steve. I learned a lot from the reading. Thinking back to what was said, I now realize where my feeling come from in regards to going to France. Oddly, in the last year, this feeling has changed from loathing the country to actually wanting to visit.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I've been one of these types of events years ago, but got an odd vibe and everything was insanely over-priced or a gimmick (they had an 'aura photo' reading that was like $60 and you could see the prisms and stuff behind where you sat to create a color)....It was ridiculous.

  2. SilverFox, I am usually hesitant in doing these things. And they did have the aura readers but no photo booth, but I wasn't there for that. The vibes I got from most were genuine, and most items were priced just right. There is supposed to be another one come fall, I hope to go and will write about it too.